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Is Naturopathy Right for You? – A general idea of how to be a successful client and partner in your healing.

Cancer Prevention Food Pyramid – This food pyramid is one of the best I’ve seen.  The only thing missing along the bottom, in my opinion, as the foundation for your diet is plenty of fresh, pure water.

Effects of Dehydration – Please read to find out just why drinking enough fresh, pure water is so important to every aspect of health and well being.

Food Combining – A regimen based on the premise that proteins and starches should not be eaten at the same meal.  The theory is that different food groups digest optimally when eaten in specific combinations.   Benefits of proper food combining can include:  improved digestion and absorption of nutrients, leading to increased energy levels, balanced body weight, and enhanced well-being as well as helping prevent illness and disease.

The Great Plate – University of Michigan’s dietary information on how best to fill up your plate. Except for the dairy, I like this plate the best.

Causes of High Hunger – A lot of these may surprise you!

MSG – Please read this to find out how important it is that you avoid this dangerous neuro-toxin at all costs.

Quantum Nutrition Effect – Please read this for information on why I choose Premier Research Labs.

Load Up on These Foods for Fiber – fill your grocery basket and your plates with more of these.

These quizzes and  self-checks are not meant as diagnostic tools, but rather to help you see areas of strength and weakness in your current lifestyle.

You Think You Have a Healthy Diet? – Use this checklist from the book, “You are What You Eat“, to find out just how good your diet really is.

Top Body Signs that Your System is Out of Balance – Find out some quick and easy signs that your body is trying to communicate imbalances with you. (source: “You are What you Eat”)

The Nasties Challenge – This checklist will better help you identify challenges you face in your diet and areas of strength as well.  (source: “You are What you Eat”)

Immune System Self-Check – Find out the main immune system inhibitors.