Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) monitoring analyzes imperceptible changes in the heart rate waveforms.

Interbeat interval variations, or Heart Rate Variability, have relevance for physical, emotional, and mental function. Many people confuse Heart Rate with Heart Rate Variability. The human heart is a bio-electrical pump beating at an ever changing rate: it is not like a clock that beats at a steady, unchanging rate. This variability in heart rate is an adaptive quality in a healthy system.

The HRV can be an early indicator of many health issues, not just cardiovascular. As humans we experience varying levels of anxiety caused by events, emotions and thought streams. Studies have shown that we can effect changes in our heart rate variability levels with a variety of methods that help reduce the affects of stress and trauma on our health.

The HRV is both a detection device and a monitor of the changes experienced after specific corrective techniques or modalities have been used.

Heart Rate Variability Sample Report:

Sample Results


The HRV can also help monitor the effectiveness of treatment modalities – whether they are life style changes, exercise, supplementation or pharmaceutical medications. We all need encouragement along the way and the HRV allows us to make course corrections to achieve better results.