“I came to Dr. Sterling Hart for help in a very desperate state. None of the 3 different doctors could figure out what I was dealing with or how to I would be able to overcome it. Their suggestion was 6 months of Antibiotics that may or may not work. My daughter was 1 years old at the time and she also would have been effected by the antibiotics through breastfeeding.Once I started to work with Dr Hart, all of the other figures I was working with started to fade away, as did the noise and chaos surrounding my situation. Dr Hart’s presence, thorough expertise, intuition, and consistency is Out standing. Her gentle yet entirely efficient approach to addressing the root causes of the health crisis I found myself in has not only helped me out of the chronic pain I was in, but it has transformed me and my life in many ways. I tell people “she held my hand through the whole journey back to optimal health, vitality, mental clarity, and more energy than I knew I was capable of generating in a sustainable way. She was there, consistently, when I needed support and reassurance most, with a calm, soothing presence and undeniable confidence that I would get through this. Her wealth of knowledge and experience continued to reveal itself over time through her simple, yet profound explanations of what was happening in my body and how we were addressing each compromised area step by step. Over time slowly,gently but surely I started to feel a little better, and before I knew it I was feeling better than ever before. Dc Hart empowered me to play an active and essential part in my healing process that has brought me to arrive at a place now where I feel more connected to my center, and captivated by the innate intelligence our body has to heal itself if we get out of the way. Dr Harts approach helped me to address all dimensions of the healing process. I have a deeper understanding of how to create a lifestyle that prevents disease, promotes peace, well-being, vitality, clarity, inspiration, creativity, and happiness. Dr Hart is my Aunt and has always been a powerful and loving presence in my life, someone I’ve always looked up to and knew I could count on to be there for me. I thought that because I was her niece she gave me extra attention and care to get me through this difficult time, but I was reading her other testimonials on her web page I began to tear up seeing that she gave of herself in this way to all of her clients. Dr Sterling Hart is a true talent and I highly recommend her if you or anyone you love is in need of orientation to become healthy and vital. – Riley

“Dr. Hart, I just have to tell you how much I LOVED your class last night.  I’ve been telling everyone at work about it.  And I’m even considering making some elderberry syrup as gifts for a few people.  I learned so much and just wish I had learned it a few weeks ago–before the boys got sick.  THANK YOU so much for spending time creating the PowerPoint and teaching the information!” – Beth

“So when all this stuff started about 2 years ago, as part of my workup,  they found that I had elevated LFT’s. On ultrasound, it showed an extremely fatty liver. It looked like a liver I would expect to see on an extremely overweight patient. To say I was upset that it was actually “my” liver was an understatement!
Today, because I’ve been suspecting GB problems, I scanned myself. I normally don’t make it a habit to scan  myself because I’ve been trying to trust the process of seeing you, exercising and working on my eating. Much to my surprise when I looked this morning. … the liver was beautiful with a normal echogenicity! I’m thrilled! No one else can appreciate this good news except you so I wanted to share!” – Chessney

“Sterling, I’ve never enjoyed Doctor Visits the way I enjoy mine with you.  Thanks for making it interesting, fun… and an adventure!” -Robin

“Sterling Hart, I just wanted to tell you that I just finished a 16 mile bike ride on the Virginia Creeper Trail!!!! Thank you for all the help you have given me!  Hopefully this is just the beginning!”  – Chrissy

“Dr. Hart has saved my life more than once.  Feeling helpless to find a practitioner that would really study my unique health situation and address the root causes instead of wanting to slap a prescription in my hand, I was so grateful to discover Dr. Hart.  Her office is a peaceful place and her non-invasive approach to healing is a welcome treat.  She has carefully considered how to treat my various issues and more than once has had me healed in rapid speed.  One simple example – after traveling abroad and contracting the most horrific case of intestinal parasites, Dr. Hart was able to craft a natural treatment (after I suffered for 9 months…why I waited so long to see her is beyond me!) that had me back on my feet without pain in less than 2 weeks – this was after months of pain and after seeing 2 other Doctors.  I appreciate how she takes time to carefully explain complex concepts so that I can imagine what is happening in my body.  She sincerely cares about each patient and has the skills to back up her care without putting patients on pharmaceutical drugs.  On a practical level, there is never  a wait to in her waiting area and never rushes you through an appointment.  The emotional care is as important as the physical care. Despite moving,  I still drive 2 hours to see her because she is worth every mile!”  M.G.

“Thank you so much!! After all the surgeries and treatments I have been through, there is not 1 doctor that will take the time with me as you have. I really do appreciate you.”  -L.P.; Winston Salem

“Dr. Hart is an excellent naturopathic physician and I highly recommend her. She is an expert in her field and extremely thorough. She spent almost 2 hours with me on our first appointment (I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than 10 minutes with a conventional, western-trained doctor). Her nutrition, supplement and lifestyle-change recommendations have worked wonderfully for me.” D.F

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“Sterling has a rare combination of professionalism and intuitive knowledge. I highly recommend her.” C.S.

“Sterling doesn’t look at just one problem or another and affix a solution. She takes the time looks at your health as all of your body working together—dialing into exactly what your body needs, and encourages it to work the way that it should. Not only did Sterling improve my system, but I learned so much from her on how to take better care of myself. I recommend Sterling to everyone!” T. F.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Sterling’s talents go beyond mere training. Her perceptiveness and evaluative process is superb in addressing a clients health concerns. I have only benefited from being her client and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to handle core issues and feel better.” V.I.

“Dr.Sterling is a very skilled and intuitive practitioner. She has always worked with my clients in a caring and holistic manner. She offers a gentle, yet firm hand when guiding her clients to better health; which is not always an easy path.  I know her to be the type of practitioner who will look beyond what she knows and ask for input from other colleagues to find the best possible direction to wellness when needed.  To find a Naturopath that is truly educated in the health care field is rare. Dr. Sterling is that rare gem.” A.Z.

“Sterling is an excellent ND and I highly recommend her natural approach to wellness.” G.J.

“I enjoyed my work with Sterling and benefited greatly. She tested me for food sensitivities and helped me rebalance and identify my body’s preferences for super foods and supplements. I highly recommend her and believe everyone should be tested and rebalanced for all food sensitivities.” P.D.

“If you prefer true Health then Sterling is the person to see. Sterling does not apply a bandaid as in traditional practice to health or wellness. Sterling uses her expertise to uncover what the body is doing behinds the scenes. Her approach allows the wonder of the human body to identify what is missing in our day to day experience. If you choose optimal health and well being then visit Sterling at your earliest convenience. It is well worth your time and expense.” M.B.

“I have utilized the professional services of Sterling Hart for approximately 3 years, and I am EXTREMELY pleased with the health benefits that I have rec’d as a result of this relationship. I had difficulty choosing onlly 3 of the attributes listed above as all are applicable for her! The myriad of services available through her practice are unlike any other than I am aware of. I plan to utilize the services of Sterling for many years to come. She is unique and she is AMAZING!” P.C.

“It is difficult to adequately convey the profound impact that Stillpoint Group has had on my health…indeed, my life!  In the three years since I found this gem, I have utilized three of the practitioners (and several different modalities) and bought product that far exceeds in quality anything else that I have found. In a nutshell, I have overcome asthma (i.e., the diagnosing physician confirmed that I no longer have asthma  despite  my never having taken the traditional medications that he prescribed), shifted careers from a very stressful one to one that is much more in keeping with my life philosophy, gotten past the trauma of a front end collision with a tractor trailer, and achieved a core level of health that I didn’t know was possible.
A few weeks ago, I had a revelation as I was driving to my appointment at the center.  I questioned why I was in such a great mood that morning, and I realized that it was because of my upcoming appointment.   Not only have I been able to achieve significant improvement in my life on so many levels because of my association with the center, but I also truly enjoy the time I spend there!”

–P. Campbell

“I have health insurance but I come here to fix the problems in my body, not cover them up.” – T.H. Winston Salem, NC


“I am so thankful that I found out about you and came to see you. You really have given me so much hope! I took the ES-8 last night at 10:00 p.m. and by 10:30 I was so relaxed and ready for bed. I slept better than I think I did as a child and I woke up this morning with a smile and a clear head. I am not sleepy and I did not wake up all night hurting! I think this is going to be the best day for me in a long time. Thank you so much for helping me! I will definitely advise everyone that I know to come and see you. Thank you again—you are amazing. I cannot wait to feel even better.”   -S.B.; Winston Salem, NC

“Go to the Doctor When You are Well”, written by D. High in Asheboro, NC.

In this country you go to the doctor, chiropractor, or other therapist when you’re sick, hurting, or feeling below par. But why? Why go then? Why not go when you’re well? Isn’t prevention always less expensive, less uncomfortable, and less disruptive than cure?

That’s been our experience, and that’s why we went to the Stillpoint Group for a free consultation and assessment. We felt good. We had only minor complaints. Nothing was bothering us. And, we didn’t know what we didn’t know.

After initial consultations and assessments involving two state-of-art biotech devices, one called AcuScen and the other Nutri-Energetic systems (NES), we got a computer analysis of how the body’s vital functions were operating. Some were not optimal. The practitioner, who did the assessment, Mitra Ishaya, recommended a combination of infoceuticals and phytonutrient digestive aides.

A month later, we returned for another NES scan, and, whereas there were many signs of improvement, there was still more to be done. We continued with the supplements and also decided to work with the group’s Doctor of Naturopathy, Sterling Hart. Our appointment was set for a month later.

Dr. Hart, using Quantum Reflex (QRA) techniques in combination with the NES scans, recommended a combination of natural, biologically advanced supplements. These supplements are absolutely free of the harmful fillers, additives, and amenders found in commercial vitamins and supplements. They’re exquisite phytonutrients – no toxins or unfriendly substances for our bodies!

What has been the result? We have noticed a remarkable increase in our energy. Before going to Dr. Hart, we weren’t even aware that our energy had declined. That decline is often so subtle that’s it’s difficult to detect.
We also found that we didn’t require as much sleep as we used to, that our sleep was deeper, and that we arose feeling rested.

There were side effects for which we give great thanks. There was continual evidence of toxins’ being eliminated from the body: rashes , sinus congestion, and localized aches that came and went; more frequent elimination; and an increased desire for water – all of which is resulting in a pristine, clean body. What medication can achieve that?

We’re due for another appointment with Dr. Hart and NES scan in two weeks; we are eager to see the results. We have no doubt that our body systems will all be nearly optimal. More importantly, we are confident that this prevention program is beautiful insurance against health problems for which we might have a greater-than-average risk – family history, previous exposure to environmental toxins, previous poor nutritional practices, etc.
But, none of these nutritional supplements could do their work effectively without the competent, caring and conscientiousness of a certified natural healer like Dr. Sterling Hart. She connects with her clients, listens intently, consults with them, and then recommends.

For us, prescription drugs have a place, but only as a last resort. We’ll take Dr. Hart’s caring competence and the high-tech, designer, phytonutrients she uses to promote the body’ innate ability to heal itself any day of the week. What a team, a Naturopathic Doctor and the Physician within.

I had started seeing Dr Sterling Hart ND in June 2006. I looked well on the outside but had a history of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1990 and Lyme’s disease , heavy metal toxicity and subsequent immune irregularities, chronic infections and extensive food allergies in 2003. I had started seeing a doctor in Hillsborough who had helped me a lot with IV’s to target infections, lower inflammation and chelate out the mercury, lead, arsenic and other metals I had in me.  I went to see seeing Sterling as my health was still not where I wanted it to be. I was still struggling with susceptibility to viral and bacterial infections that left me fatigued, weak, and ill for weeks on end and interfered with my ability to enjoy the outdoor activities that I loved. I also longed for an end to the unrelenting allergies to milk, soy, eggs and wheat. I thought I was doomed to rice cakes forever and would never be able to enjoy pizza or Ben and Jerry’s again.

Sterling began treating me for the allergies and also recommended NES drops (working on a deep energetic level) and supplements (working on a physiological level ) to target weak areas of the body (e.g. immune system, source energy, cell function, adrenals, bladder etc).

It was slow steady work, righting my body after years of poor health, but it was really exciting as it was working – my bladder infections resolved, my food allergies disappeared, my fatigue dissipated, my energy levels and resistance to infection improved, my adrenal glands began functioning properly, my painful periods ended, my malaise and constant ill feeling vanished , my athletic performance improved and I felt deep underlying shifts in the health and vitality of my body.  Because of Sterling’s skills and resources, I do have treatment options available and I am well on my way of achieving my dream of optimum health and full involvement in all the travels and adventures that I love.”   -S.C.  Winston Salem, NC

My experience with Naturopathy

In today’s society it seems that there is so much emphasis placed on make-overs people have neglected the state of health that our bodies have become in America. Everywhere you turn it seems that everyone is talking about the increase of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and so many incurable illnesses. As an emergency responder I began to question why so many people are so sick. Through the last 30 years responding to 911 calls I observed so much pain and agony among citizens that I always said that I didn’t won’t to experience many of the conditions that I observed. As the years passed by, I started experiencing medical problems that I considered a part of life and growing older. Conditions included severe fatigue, back pain, dizziness, acid reflux, stomach ulcers, constipation, bowel problems, plantar fasciitis, prostate problems, ED, cyst on the skin, and hypoglycemia. I was beginning to get very frustrated with traditional doctors because my problems were not going away. They even wanted to put me on Viagra and antidepressants at one time. I was glad that I didn’t take these drugs.

About two years ago I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and was told that if I didn’t change that I would become a diabetic. This information was a wakeup call and scared me to the point that it was time to change. So I began to pray and seek for knowledge and wisdom from the Lord about the problems. It wasn’t long after that, my wife purchased two books that were written by Christian Doctors. These books taught me what the Bible has to say about what we eat and our diets in America. So I changed my diet, exercised more, and tried several of the natural remedies mentioned in the books. It was not long that I realized that natural remedies and herbs were the way that I needed to go. Then I became really sick and couldn’t figure out what was going on. I remembered reading in the books the suggestion to be under the care of a Naturopathic Doctor. Since my condition was getting worse I prayed and felt the guidance to look for a Naturopathic Doctor. I looked on the internet and found Dr. Sterling Hart in Clemmons N.C. and decided to give her a call.

My first visit with Dr. Hart was truly the strangest doctor visit I have ever had as compared to what my experience had been with my traditional medical doctors. At first, I thought this can’t be real, but decided to give it a try anyway. I was at my ropes end with nowhere to turn so I thought it can’t hurt to try. Was I glad that I did! I was really impressed with the personal care that I was receiving. I had never experienced the concern for my health that I was receiving. Dr. Hart and the staff made me feel like I have a personal doctor who cares, and can address each problem that I was having. It made sense to me that she was addressing the problems in my body and not the symptoms.

Slowly but surely I started feeling better and the problems started going away. My energy levels have been at their highest in years and have made me feel like a 20 year old again. Many of my friends and family think that I have lost my mind, but how can you argue with the results that I have experienced. Not only have the medical conditions that I described earlier have gone but two 20+ year cysts, which the doctor told me that I would have to live with for the rest of my life, are gone. My blood sugars, cholesterol, pulse, and blood pressure are the best they have been in years. My experience has taught me that the body is a truly amazing creation by God. The natural things that God has created, such as herbs, were created for our benefit and nutrition. I am 100% sold on Naturopathy because of the results that I have experienced. In my experience I have also found out how technical this field of medicine is. Naturopathic Doctors can address the specific needs of your body which can change from month to month. These specialists address these specific needs and no more. I have tried taking herbs on my own and found that you can get yourself into more trouble by not knowing what you are doing. I have discovered that the hard way. It is extremely important to have trained Naturopathic Doctors to treat the specific needs of the body.

Watching television, I chuckle at all the medicine advertisements that are made today. They show all these happy people taking these medicines and state all the side effects, such as headache, diarrhea, stomach pain, dizziness, chest pain, constipation, DEATH, and the list goes on. With natural herbs, I have not experienced the side effects described with medicines in today’s media advertisements. As matter a fact I can’t tell you when the last time I had an upset stomach. I am convinced that the body is not designed to process the chemicals that are made in today’s medicines and foods. As a firefighter it only makes sense to wear protective clothing in dangerous environments to protect the skin and respiratory tracts of the body. Then why do we not consider that with all the chemicals that we are taking into our bodies today? Again the body is not designed to process chemicals, that is why I wear protective clothing on emergency calls.

It is my hope that my testimony will help others see the truth about Naturopathy and the direction that our unhealthy society is headed. The Bible tells us that we are the temple of the Holy Ghost and that we are to take care of our bodies.

Naturopathy was an answer to my prayers. God Bless!

Anthony E. Collins Jr.  -Lexington N.C.